We think holistically ...

As experienced advisers with extensive management
backgrounds, we bring an external perspective to the dialogue.

Management Consulting


You want to become independent and start your own company, but you are still not clear about corporate form, organisation, structure or company location?

You already own a company, but  more and more you want to concentrate on managing it, and fall back upon a dependable partner for legal, tax, economic and financial issues as well as administrative issues?

You're already thinking about handing over or selling your company, either within your own family or externally?

Profit from our experience. We'll support you with our expertise on the processes of change and their consequences. Integrated thinking, without losing sight of grass roots, is in demand in all fields of business. As an experienced adviser with comprehensive, first-hand management experience, we are able to provide an external perspective on any discussions. As a neutral partner in the discussion, we give you a higher degree of certainty in decision making and take responsibility for sustained, continuous company growth.

An overview of our services:

  • Comprehensive consultancy services for private individuals, small and medium-sized companies
  • Assumption of controlling functions
  • Appraisal of business, stock and capital shares
  • Creation of liquidity, investment and finance plans
  • Working out business plans
  • Implementing rescue packages and working out crisis management concepts
  • Consultation in the purchase and sale of companies
  • Consultation in company succession
  • Consultation in restructuring measures, mergers and demergers
  • Provision of expert opinions and appraisals