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Domicile Service

The right business address can get your company's reputation off to a flying start, and at the same time profit from a multitude of locational advantages. An exclusive address creates trust, lends respectability and makes many aspects of day-to-day business much easier

Choose the Canton of Zug as your place of business and you'll find you're in good company. No other Swiss canton has such a stable political,economic and company-friendly climate, established over several decades. Companies known around the world in different branches of industry have already set up business in Canton Zug. The attraction of the region can, among other things, is evident in the fact that the number of companies based there has more than doubled in the past 20 years .

The economic location of Zug owes this extreme growth to a multitude of economic, social, cultural and political factors. Because of this concentration of company groups and businesses, Zug is one of the most tax-privileged cantons in Switzerland. Even in comparison to other countries around the world, Zug/Switzerland ranks among locations where tax burden is the lowest. Switzerland in general and Canton Zug in particular are preferred locations for international companies dealing in trade and finance.

An overview of our services:

  • Domiciling of your company at a prestigious address, including mail forwarding
  • Company name plate at the entrance
  • Communications services such as telephone and fax forwarding
  • Calls to your business number answered personally
  • Office service
  • Translation and interpretation services
  • Temporary office rental for meetings, etc.