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Accounting is the basis for entrepreneurial
decision making. We analyse operating results
against both budget and the previous year,
and define objectives for the medium term.


Once entered in the commercial register, companies based in Switzerland are required to keep accounts. A requirement for entry into the commercial register only exists when a commercially managed trade is being operated. Certain branches of industry are exempt from the entry requirement, when gross annual turnover is less than 100,000 CHF.

Managing your own accounting not only requires specialist knowledge, but also time and infrastructure. If required, we will take care of your accounting and make out value added tax returns and annual accounts, so that you can concentrate on your business. In addition, we'll also make out your payroll accounts and take care of all social security statements.

Accounting is the basis for company decisions, and not just pure number processing. We analyse the latest results of your business with you, including a budget comparison and comparison to the previous year's results. We liaise with you in drawing up your business plan and that allows us to define your medium term company targets.

General regulations regarding accounting in Switzerland are kept brief. The law requires that profit and loss accounts as well as the balance sheet are presented completely, clearly and annually, in accordance with accepted commercial principles. Therefore accounts may be rendered in accordance with all common international guidelines (e.g. US-GAAP, IFRS, Swiss GAAP FER).

An overview of our services:

  • Organisation and management of financial accounting for domestic and foreign companies in accordance with Swiss law (OR, FER) and, if desired, in accordance with international guidelines (IFRS).
  • Creation of interim and annual accounts, analysis and consultation upon target deviations.
  • Reporting for branches or subsidiaries to headquarters or parent company.
  • Creation of VAT statements, and safeguarding your interests in relation to VAT authorities.
  • For companies with 50 or fewer employees: Creation of payroll accounts and processing of all social and withholding tax statements.
  • Comprehensive consultation for matters of tax planning for company foundations, reorganisations, capital changes or liquidations.
  • Tax optimisation and creation of critical tax statements for all cantons (income, property), consultation in tax and VAT matters, representation of client interests before tax authorities.
  • Auditing of annual accounts and creation of legally required audit reports.
  • For non-cash capital contribution establishments, capital reductions or in special situations (intention to buy, intention to purchase a business) implementation of the necessary audits.