Property portfolios require permanent monitoring …

Professional advice on acquisition, development, leasing and sale is a specialist task.

Real Estate Management


If you are considering asset diversification and possible access to alternative investments in the real estate sector, then we are the right partner for you. We are happy to work in an advisory and supportive capacity in coordinating your plans for real estate acquisition, development and administration. We can also advise you at any time on the selection of locations for your investments and are able to do this at the global level.

Profit from real estate – thanks to professional support

Whether it's an owner-occupied flat, a single family home or apartment block, or an undeveloped plot - anyone seeking to own property knows that there are countless issues to be dealt with in this area. These issues relate to value, value retention, administration, taxation - but also authorisations, leasing, maintenance etc. Thanks to our many years of experience and considerable specialist expertise, we are an effective partner and, as a representative, can provide you with support in all aspects.

Legal notice

Please ensure that you read our legal notice regarding financial intermediary activities requiring authorisation.