The protection of your assets
is our primary concern …

Effective and long-term legal protection of assets
against third-party access

Asset Protection

The classic form of asset protection involves preventative safeguarding of your private assets against illegal and unauthorised access by third parties.

In this area, our proposals for specific solutions always depend on your individual circumstances, the nature and location of your business activity or residence, and on the nature of your family.

Our partners advise here on the optimal and targeted structuring of your circumstances, working together with you to define your goals, recommend a tailored concept and support you with your overall financial planning. In each instance, we work exclusively with respected banks and fund managers both domestically and abroad.

Our partners develop individual solutions which, on the one hand, allow flexible adjustment as situations change and, on the other, protect asset values as far as possible both legally and in compliance with taxation requirements.

Legal notice

Please ensure that you read our legal notice regarding financial intermediary activities requiring authorisation.