Accurate and detailed
analysis is the foundation
of long-term success ...

Dreams, wishes and financial security all require long-term planning.

Asset Management

"Bankable" assets, e.g. shares, bonds, etc., and "non-bankable" assets, e.g. corporate holdings and real estate portfolios need to be constantly monitored and managed. A meticulous and professional approach to managing the investor's assets is indispensable.

When we are asked to manage a client's assets, we prepare an investment profile that reflects as closely as possible that investor's interests, requirements and aims. This profile is an amalgam of the investor's views with regard to long-term investment goals, the level of risk exposure and the investment horizon. A written agreement is drawn up to regulate relations between the investor and the asset manager. This agreement can be adapted at intervals in response to the latest circumstances and requirements.

Investors can choose between an independent asset management company and a bank. One of the particular features of independent asset management companies is that the asset managers will manage their clients' assets on the basis of their own convictions and will not be influenced by others or by personal, product-related considerations. They are therefore not restricted in their choice of investment products and can make completely impartial decisions.

In addition, independent asset managers always remain focused on the individual needs of their clients. A guarantee for this is the fact that in most cases an independent asset manager's earnings are directly linked to the profit he/she generates for the client. What's more, since they are independent of the banks, asset managers are in a position to provide more individual advice and devote more time to each client. Asset managers generally act on behalf of an investor by means of a power of attorney. The client's assets are held in an account with a custodian bank.

An overview of our services:

  • Strategic support in the selection of an independent asset manager
  • Referring contacts to asset management banks
  • Administrative support for all additional services not related to asset management
  • Ongoing coordination of contacts and links to asset managers and banks

Legal notice

Please ensure that you read our legal notice regarding financial intermediary activities requiring authorisation.