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Consultana AG

Firststrasse 29

CH-8835 Feusisberg | Switzerland

Phone: +41 55 533 05 67

info [at]


Commercial register
Consultana  AG is limited company with its headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland
It is registered in the Zurich Commercial Register under the number CHE-291.572.001

VAT identifikation number
CHE-291.572.001 MWST

Legal information and links
Consultana AG regularly reviews and updates the information on its website. However, despite all our efforts, some of the information provided on our pages may be invalid. We therefore provide no guarantee and accept no liability with regard to the status, accuracy and completeness of information provided.  The same applies to the information on other websites to which we provide links. Consultana AG is not responsible for the content of linked websites.

Furthermore, Consultana AG reserves the right to revise or supplement the provided information at any time without prior notice.

The contents and structure of the website of Consultana AG are protected intellectual property. Please note that our prior written authorisation must be obtained before information or data, especially texts, text sections or image material is reproduced elsewhere.


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