We provide
individual counsel ...

Our specialists provide their customers
with personal advice and guidance with
support from a carefully selected team.
As the customer, you benefit from our
comprehensive consultancy covering all areas.

Your unique needs deserve our attention

Whether a private individual, executive, partnership or corporation - no two customers are alike. Therefore we look after everybody with attention and passion as if they were our only customer. That's the only way we can understand the achievements, ideas and goals that lie behind each individual plan, in order to work out solutions that lead to long-term, personal, customer success. During this period our team establishes a mutual relationship marked by trust, respect and discretion.

Sound expertise, many years of experience and working closely with the client: That - in a word - is the Consultana AG concept. Our specialists look after clients personally. They are supported by a carefully selected team. As a customer, you make use of our comprehensive advice in all matters. In line with our customer-oriented thinking and behaviour, we analyse existing structures and define their strengths and weaknesses, taking careful account of external factors. Starting from the given situation and your needs, we develop customised solutions and work out the best possible action plan that will preserve and increase your assets. This process always takes account of the economic aspects of the situation.

A tailor-made  rather than  "one size fits all" solution is our goal - especially in those exceptional situations that you don't see everyday. This is also evident in the fact that we are there when our customers need us, are flexible and work efficiently. We plan out complex arrangements in the interests of our customers, before implementing them with the agreement of all parties involved.

Commitment, flexibility,  clear positions on issues and high ethical standards contribute to our well-known standard of quality. Acting together, we turn the knowledge provided into new concepts and actions. Dialogue and communication, transparency in transactions and intense discussions at all levels actively involve all participants in the development process.

Here at Consultana AG we look forward to working with you in shaping your financial future and to make a positive of the dynamics of constantly changing polarities, while preserving ethical and moral principles.