We take responsibility ...

Our goal is long-term and sustained growth.
A personal customer relationship, geared to
continuity, is therefore our focus.

Mission Statement


We intend to meet the needs of our customers in the areas of trust and management consulting by providing outstanding services. Our goal is to build a permanent, productive relationship with our clients. For this reason, we always endeavour to tackle individual problems with great flexibility and creative expertise. Our fundamental values may be the basis for conditions for sustained success.

Customer Orientation

Our goal is long-term, sustained growth. A personal customer relationship that is geared to continuity is therefore our focus. Every customer has an expert contact  in our company for his or her problems.

Integrated Thinking

Looking at a problem in an isolated manner often leads to unintentional results. That is why, as a creative generalist, we always seek holistic solutions.

Expertise and Further Education

Our expertise is based upon permanent further education. We are constantly adapting ourselves to the latest industry and legal developments, in order to furnish qualitatively superior services.

Quality and Professionalism

Every one of our employees working on behalf of a client acts as a trustee with certified qualifications, or as a jurist with membership in one or more professional associations. Strict professional standards and codes of conduct are therefore a guarantor for quality and quality assurance, and related professionalism.

Integrity and Trust

Integrity  and observance of ethical principles exist at the highest level with our company. That philosophy, together with expertise, is how we create trust with our customers. We act on behalf of our clients in a conscientious manner and on the basis of laws, and according to loyalty and faith. Furthermore, we never forward information to third parties, either during or after the contractual relationship, without the consent of our customers or a legal obligation to do so.


Independence is primarily a question of mindset. It is important to use to advise our customers in a comprehensive way. In addition to handling orders, this also includes active feedback to our customers regarding prospects, and also risks that are turning out negatively. We always stand by our convictions, even if that means we risk furthering a mandate.


Our business demands a willingness to assume responsibility and therefore accept a liability risk ourselves. All our employees assume full responsibility for the activities they perform.