Compliance ...




As a trust company operating at an international level, we work in a wide variety of countries around the world with, in some cases, very different ethical outlooks and political and legal systems. We assume full responsibility for our products, business activities and actions. For these reasons and also for reasons of necessary and absolutely legitimate self-interest, compliance therefore plays a very important primary role for us. For us, compliance not only means observance of national and international legal requirements, but also the rigorous internal application of the principles of conduct and ethics that are an integral component of our company structure and philosophy. We are also convinced that sustainable economic and business success can only be secured if honest, responsible and rule-compliant conduct forms the basis of day-to-day transactions between parties.

Preventative measures and observance of these at all levels in our company organisation ensures compliance with the rules and regulations in all possible respects. Furthermore, where principles of conduct are in place, our employees are made more aware that it is better to avoid at the outset the risks that can result from any form of misconduct. We are particularly concerned to ensure compliance with the applicable legal provisions and our own high internal corporate standards and react appropriately should there be any violation of these.